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The dirty water needs a place to go when you flush your toilet, scrub off in the shower, or wash things in your sink. To get the wastewater where it needs to go, we have sewer piping. But piping is not infallible under any circumstances; it gets corroded or eroded; tree roots may find their way into the pipes; the ground may shift; etc. Call Heiden for sewer/water repair, replacement, cleaning, or televising services done right.

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Perma Liner Trenchless Solutions

Trenchless: Pipe Bursting vs Epoxy Sewer Lining

No matter which method being used to replace or repair your sewer line, you must first gain access to the piping. There's a good chance you'll need to do some digging to expose the pipes.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Yes, it's called "trenchless" pipe bursting. That's in reference to the fact we don't have to dig up your yard for the entire length of the pipe. All we need to do is expose it.

Exposing your sewer line serves more purpose than simply being an access point. In the process, we also gain valuable knowledge about the makeup of your land. Certain types of soil—rocky soil, sandy soil, etc.—aren't conducive to the process of pipe bursting, since it involves jostling, displacing, and a new arrangement of the piping in the soil. Your home's foundation could be altered if someone attempts this procedure without first properly assessing the land.

Trenchless pipe bursting is a great option if the land is properly assessed and the plumber knows what they're doing. It saves your yard, your money, and your time.

Trenchless Epoxy Sewer Lining

Trenchless Sewer RepairEpoxy sewer lining is one of the most efficient methods of repairing your sewer lines available on the market today, and Heiden is one of very few contractors in Wisconsin who offer the option. Cast in place piping (CIPP) uses liners soaked in a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and fed through your broken sewer to add a new lining to the pipe. The material is corrosion resistant, and has a lifespan of over 60 years.

The methods used with epoxy linings significantly reduces—and sometimes eliminates—the amount of digging needed to repair your sewer. What results from this is a more cost-effective, time-saving method for repairing your damaged or broken sewer lines.

Heiden Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is knowledgeable about what needs to be done before beginning either trenchless process, and makes sure it is the best option for you before proceeding with the repair. Our goal is to get the job done in the best possible way without breaking your bank or your property.

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