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Water Heater Repair

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Heiden has been in business since 1925, providing customers with indoor plumbing services to make homes, business, and the infrastructure of the Milwaukee area more comfortable for everyone.

Residential & Commercial Water Heater Services

Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and homes; every building equipped with indoor plumbing needs a water heater in it. Without a water heater, pipes would freeze, companies would lose business, and people would have to heat water for their bathing and other activities pot-by-pot over a flame.

Repairs for All Types and Brands of Water Heaters

Heiden repairs any types of water heater you may have. If you’re finding out about water heater maintenance a little too late, call us. We have your back. Tank or tankless. Electric or fuel-fired. Heiden Plumbing, Heating & Cooling repairs or replaces your water heater unit according only to what needs to be done. Scouts' honor.

Old Water Heater

Water Heateres:

  • Tank
    • Electric
    • Fuel-Fired
      • Gas
        • Natural
  • Tankless
    • Fuel-Fired
      • Gas

With Heiden, you don’t just get a new water heater installed or old water heater repaired or replaced; you get those things done correctly. Any brand of water heater. Any type of water heater. Heiden fixes it.

Water Heater Installation

Many people unintentionally forgo maintenance on the lesser-seen parts of their homes or businesses. Water heaters are no exception. Used anode rods can easily be replaced; worn-out tanks cannot. Lucky for you, if you’re too busy to remember absolutely everything your plumber told you, Heiden is here.

When you call Heiden Plumbing, a licensed and insured union plumber comes to your house or business fully prepared with all the knowledge and tools to do the job. We remove your old water heater and install your new one. No hassle service is what we do best.

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In need of a new water heater? Need your current water heater repaired? Call us today. 414.937.8420